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Every hero has somebody helping them stay heroic;
Batman had Alfred, Bond had Q, The Angels had Charlie, and
The X-Men had Professor Xavier.  Now, you've got us!

Become a member of The Hero Support Network today and
increase your odds of being able to sustain the kind of life conditions
in which you can be well and do well!
    How This Works

     Step 1:     Take The Hero Training Program

           Learn About The Heroes You Know: What They Did And Why It Mattered
           Learn About How To Optimize Situations For Life Success
           Learn About How To Recognize And Break-Out Of Dysfunctional Roles

     Step 2:     Get On-Going Guidance And Social Support From A Situation Improvement Strategist
Are You Actively Trying To Create And Protect A Good Life For Yourself And Others?
Has Your Commitment To Improving Your Own Situation Made You The Target Of Villainous And Sabotaging Others?
Does It Feel Like You Are Constantly Bombarded With Obstacles And Opposition?
It Might Be Because You Are Choosing To Live Heroically.  Good News! You're Not The Only One.